Do I need to be previously published? 

We are excited about emerging writers just as much as those who are more established. We can honestly say that it’s the work that matters and not much more. 

Ok, but you ask for cover letters and bios. What are you looking for in these?

It’s always nice to know if someone’s work has been published or what else they do in life besides writing. We do read all cover letters and love knowing more about those who choose to submit to Chariot Press, but they will not determine if a piece is accepted or not. Bios are good for us to have to get a sense of how you present yourself as a writer and we can use them if your piece is chosen, though we will likely ask you for an updated bio as we prepare for publication. 

How long does it take to hear back from you?

It depends. We strive to get back within a few weeks but at this time we’re receiving so many submissions and we want to make sure we read each piece carefully. As writers we know that waiting is hard, so we do allow simultaneous submissions and do our best to get back to you as soon as humanly possible. 

What does “In Progress” mean?

If your piece has changed from “Received” to “In Progress” it means that we either labeled it in our system to help us keep track or we’ve assigned it to a specific reader. Your piece could have been read before it goes into “In Progress” if neither of the above action was taken.

What is a “good fit” for Chariot Press? What are you looking for?

In general, we are interested in well-polished literary work that grabs us and takes us on a journey. We are more interested in the how than the what, and while we enjoy a good plot, we lean towards language, characters, and scenarios that move and surprise us. Having said that, we never know what will stand out until we see it. 

Do you ever accept pieces that you feel still need some work?

We expect that you send us work that you have taken as far as you possibly can and that you would be proud to have published as is. However, in rare instances, if a piece is marvelous but we think it needs some development, we will reach out to you and ask if you’d like to enter into an editing conversation with us. 

What’s WordSpaceStudios and how are you connected?

WordSpaceStudios is our non-profit organization that strives to support writers through writing events and residencies. You can find out more at Covid caused us to pause some offerings but we hope to launch our Sonoma residency location by the summer as well as live events and retreats. Some highlights are our writing cabin and cozy bookmobile! Chariot Press is a project of WordSpaceStudios. 

How often will Chariot Press come out? Online or print?

Our first issue will come out in Spring of 2022 and we hope to have the online journal come out quarterly. In addition, we plan on a yearly print publication of work that will be showcased in a reading as well.

Do you have any writing contests?

Yes! We just announced our Creative Nonfiction Contest and are going to launch a Flash Fiction contest next.

Do you publish books?

Not at the moment, but that is the plan. We will start with a call for a Prose Poem collection.