Ella Benami

Ella Benami who is a visual Artist, based in London. Born in Israel in 1967. Ella is working primarily in Painting. She studied Fine Arts At the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington DC. She had been focusing on Abstract Painting from the beginning of her practice. Ella is also an independent Documentary Filmmaker, She received her MA in Documentary Film Practice from Brunel University in London. When Ella is asked to describe her paintings, she will say that her works gather around the desire to organise and create a certain kind of distinctiveness that can allude to systems of codes or symbols that seem to exist within structures of reality that are alternate to those we apprehend in our everyday lives. She describes her work process in painting as though she is somehow being transported into a non concrete terrain where she can examine a certain landscape from the inside. “Each time anew, I begin to create the particular environment from the language and material that this environment both demands and provides me.” Ella also mentions that the works do not intend to ask questions about creation or divinity, but that they certainly touch upon.