Wavesong of a Marsh

Sarah E N Kohrs

As the last light ebbs,
marsh water shimmers
a molten moonscape
with turquoise peaks
that smooth into mirror-sky
like a blessingway
in the desert.

A peony-pink blush
wilts upon the horizon
as stars once again draw
our attention away from daybirds—
even those still bobbing where the
glacial blue highlights

Night presses its raven wing
upon the glass squares of quieting
rooms, gridlocked against
whatever lingers when we sleep.
Lullabied by waves,
lapping shore. Gentled
by wavesong.

Sarah E N Kohrs writes to grapple with humanity’s weaknesses, as much as to savor a firefly at night. Find her poetry in over 40 different journals such as Cumberland River, Flyway, Lucky Jefferson, Poetry of Virginia, Rattle’s Poets Respond, and West Trade Review. Surrounded by Shenandoah Valley mountains, Sarah is also a published photographer, potter, homeschooling mother, and more. She is Kingdoms in the Wild’s 2022 Poetry Award winner for her chapbook “Chameleon Sky,” and Poetry Society of Va’s 2021 Ekphrastic Poetry Award winner. Sarah has a BA in Archaeology and Classical Languages from The College of Wooster and a Va teaching license endorsed in Latin and Visual Arts. Find her online at http://senkohrs.com.

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